Worthing Speakers Club - Meeting Roles

Snippet of Meeting Roles

The Toastmaster of the meeting is it’s overall host, introducing all the items and linking them together.

The Prepared Speaker gives a speech prepared from the Toastmasters Educational programme, Pathways.

The Evaluator appraises a individual speech, giving useful commendations and recommendations.

The Timekeeper is responsible for timing items in the meeting, and signaling at appropriate points.

The Grammarian comments on the use of language during the meeting.

The Topicsmaster chairs a session of impromptu speaking topics. The Table Topics Evaluator appraises the Table Topics session and the individual impromptu speakers.

The General Evaluator evaluates everything, except items that have been evaluated already, at the end of the meeting.


Yours will be the first voice to be heard, so give a warm and friendly welcome to the assembled audience.


As the Toastmaster for the evening, you will be the genial host. It will be your privilege and responsibility to conduct the entire meeting’s programme.

Warm-up Master

The Warm-up Master will present the audience with a lively topic for discussion. All members of the audience will be free to join in and offer a very brief personal view on the subject.

Table Topics Master

The Table Topics Master will propose a topic for discussion. Selected members of the audience will then be invited to speak on the subject for 2 minutes.


Selected members of the audience will be invited to speak on subject of their choosing for a period of between 5 to 7 minutes.

Speech Evaluator

In order to develop their public speaking skills, members need constructive feedback.

Table Topics Evaluator

The Table Topics Evaluator provides feedback to all of the Table Topics Speakers to help them become more confident and effective impromptu speakers.


You must listen carefully to everything that is said during the course of the meeting and make notes on interesting (or incorrect) use of grammar and language.


As the meeting Timekeeper, you will need to time each and every introduction, speech or evaluation.

General Evaluator

Your task will be to provide feedback on all the aspects of the meeting that have not already been covered by both the Table Topics and Speech evaluations.