The prepared speeches are at the core of the Toastmasters experience and speaking slots on the programme are very sought after!

It is therefore crucial to make the best use of every opportunity by being well prepared and being sure to address the objectives of the project being tackled.


Before the meeting

  1. If necessary, contact your assigned evaluator to discuss any particular requirements of your project, or of areas of your performance of which you would like the evaluator to take particular notice. Note, however, that your assigned evaluator might change after the first announcement if late changes are made to the programme.
  1. By the evening of the Monday before the meeting send your speech title, the name of the manual it comes from and the project number to the Toastmaster.  It’s a BIG help to the Toastmaster if you can remember to do this without them having to chase you!

At the meeting

  • Arrive with sufficient time to discuss your introduction with the Toastmaster and discuss your evaluation with your Evaluator.
  • Unless you have requested otherwise, the Toastmaster will ask your evaluator to read out your speech objectives to the audience.
  • The Toastmaster will then call you on stage by saying: “ will be giving his/her speech titled . THIS WILL THEN BE REPEATED in reverse.  With the speech , please welcome on stage .  This is your cue to make your way confidently (!) to the stage.
  • Shake the Toastmaster’s hand and begin…. (the correct salutation is “Mr/Mme Toastmaster, fellow Toastmasters and most welcome guests….)
  • When you have finished your speech, don’t forget to hand the stage back to the Toastmaster by shaking his/her hand.
  • Remember to bring your Competent Communicator (or advanced speech) manual and give it to your Evaluator to complete.