Sean’s Story

Sean has been a member of Worthing Speakers for three years. Sean was apprehensive about joining at first, but soon became addicted to his Toastmasters journey. Hear what Sean thinks Toastmasters has done for him, and how he uses the skills he has learnt in his workplace and life.

Jacqui’s Story

Jacqui joined Worthing Speakers to build on skills she already had three years ago and was President of the club last year. Hear about Jacqui’s Toastmaster journey in speaking and leadership skills.

Toby’s Story

Toby came to Worthing Speakers to improve his public speaking skills five years ago. Hear Toby’s Toastmasters story and find out how Toastmasters has helped Toby to develop his speaking skills and how he has been able to support other speakers in their journey.

Natalie G’s Story

Natalie is a relatively new member to Worthing Speakers. Hear her message to “embrace the fear” and meet new people, and how her Toastmaster’s journey has touched her personally, professionally and touched her whole family.