Blogs of our Members

Sean during a speech on the beach

Sean’s children refer to Toastmasters as ‘nerd club’ but he is proud to be a Toastmasters nerd! He has been a champion for growth within our club, our ‘Pathways’ education program champion and has truely inspired many of our members with the amazing energy he brings to the club.

Dave during a speech

Dave joined Worthing Speakers in late 2018 and dived in feet first! As he once shared during a speech, the more you get in the more you get out! This for Dave is true of not just Toastmasters, but volunteering (of which he does in abundance) and of life!

Dave’s summary of himself: VMUG Board Member, London VMUG Leader, Multi-year vExpert, Toastmaster, Homelabber and amateur hack blogger!