Warm-up Master


To get everyone ‘warmed up’ for the meeting ahead – i.e. involved and participative rather than a silent, passive audience.  The Warm Up Master has an important role in creating uplifting energy in the room which means the audience enjoy themselves and the meeting overall.

The warm up is also a valuable opportunity for everyone in the club to speak briefly in front of an audience without the “pressure” of doing a more formal Table Topic.


Before the Meeting

It’s really important to prepare for the role as, done well, the Warm Up master can ensure the meeting is a success.

Think of an introduction and subject that will resonate and appeal to the audience and allow for varied responses – something lighthearted works best!  It’s also a good idea to have a subject that allows for positive and/or humorous responses where members can get creative.

For example if you ask members what really annoys them, this will generate lots of negative responses which actually brings down the energy in the room afterwards  – honestly!

At the Meeting

  • The Toastmaster will introduce you.
  • Come up to the stage, shake hands with the Toastmaster and greet the audience by saying “Mr/Madam Toastmaster, fellow Toastmasters and most welcome guests…..”
  • Explain the role and the proceedings (i.e. that everyone has UP TO 15 seconds to give their response, when 15 secs is reached a bell will sound and they must stop speaking!  Also that guests are more than welcome to PASS and not participate if they don’t want to). 
  • Explain the subject or question and the instructions concisely, before giving your own response first.  Then choose an experienced member to go next….(you don’t need to start at the obvious point in the room – the front – it’s up to you who you choose!).
  • Remain standing on the stage throughout the session, asking or indicating the next person to speak.
  • To finish, make a very brief closing remark and hand back to the Toastmaster (by shaking his/her hand before you leave the stage).