General Evaluator


The General Evaluator’s role is to provide feedback on all the aspects of the meeting that have not already been covered by the Table Topics Evaluator or the Speech Evaluators.

If you are performing the role of General Evaluator, please arrive by 7.15pm at The Burlington Hotel, Marine Parade, Worthing, BN11 3QL (go to Reception and they will show you the meeting room).


  1. The General Evaluator needs to pay close attention to the meeting whilst simultaneously writing notes and organising a structured 10 minute analysis of events. It is not practical to comment on every aspect of the meeting in a general evaluation.

  2. An effective strategy is to concentrate on one or two aspects of the meeting such as structure, timing, audience reaction, adherence to meeting guidelines, quality of evaluations or handling of guests. Hopefully this will give a fresh angle to each general evaluation rather than a simple recitation of what happened.

  3. Also, General Evaluators should not be afraid to “tell it like it is” as we learn nothing from an orgy of self-congratulation!!

  4. General evaluations are normally carried out by very experienced Toastmasters who must obviously set a good example of both timekeeping and structure.

  5. When called to the stage by the Toastmaster please remember to shake hands when you enter/exit the stage and to address the audience by saying, “Mr/Mme Toastmaster, fellow Toastmasters and most welcome guests….”

Finally, if you have not completed your Competent Leadership Award and still need this role signed-up you should: (A) give your Competent Leadership manual to another Club member before the meeting starts with the required role identified and ask her/him to complete the required section; and (B) ensure you cover all of the objectives of the selected Competent Leadership Project during your performance of the role.