When you are the Toastmaster of the evening, you are the genial host and it is your privilege and responsibility to conduct the entire meeting’s programme.


Before the Meeting

  • Check with the Vice President of Education to find out what special theme has been set for the meeting.

  • Call each Club member on the schedule to remind them of their role(s) and insure their participation.

  • Call all scheduled Speakers in advance to remind them that they are speaking. Interview each to find out the title of their Speech, Manual project number, time required, and something interesting that you can use when introducing them. (e.g. Their job, family, hobbies, education, any special relevance of this topic, etc…).

  • Prepare the Meeting’s Agenda in chronological order with Time – Action – Name of participant. Include an Inspirational quote at the top or bottom of the agenda page, and bring at least 20 copies to the meeting. (This is only necessary when the Vice President of Education won’t be able to attend the meeting as they will prepare and bring the manuals along.)

During the Meeting

  • Once introduced by the President, start the program with a 1-3 minute inspiration.

  • Preside over the meeting with sincerity, energy and enthusiasm. Take your audience on an exciting journey making them feel all is going well. Always lead the applause when introducing each participant, and after they conclude.

  • Remain standing at the Lectern and keep the applause going until the person you are introducing arrives to shake your hand. Then temporarily relinquish control to that person, and quickly proceed to take your seat.

  • Be attentive, smile, and regularly give affirmative nods while each Speaker is speaking on stage. Encouragement is the key to instilling confidence.

  • When the Speaker has concluded, he or she will indicate that by saying, “Mr. or Ms. Toastmaster.” That is your cue to relieve them and return to the Lectern. You will briefly shake the Speaker’s hand, smile and thank them.

  • Maintain a positive attitude throughout the meeting.

  • Lead the meeting with a quiet sense of confidence.