My Toastmasters experience so far….

I came along to Worthing Speakers as a guest. I really did not know much about this group, however a friend of mine had been attending, and suggested I came along.
I was welcomed by a very friendly group of people. I was surprised to see the age range, of the group but, the atmosphere felt warm and friendly, the venue was lovely.
Once the meeting started I, found myself caught up in this new venture. I discovered they opened with a warm up exercise, where upon they went round the room,  asking everyone to stand up, and briefly say something, related to the subject of the evening. There was no pressure, and it was easy to join in.
I then listened to 4 prepared speeches, I enjoyed all of them. They were so interesting, and informative, however one caught my attention and I found myself wanting to learn more. I was fascinated by the use of words and grammar, a different,  but fun and interesting evening.
I felt that I would like to begin on this path, the meetings are only 2 a month, which is not too time consuming and also I, felt it would give me confidence to stand up, in front of a audience and speak. I also discovered, that there’s an educational opportunity to follow. The Toastmasters Pathway, here you follow levels,  and at each level you are challenged a little harder, so that you find you are improving your speaking techniques all the time. 
I enjoy the variety of speeches, I find that every speech I listen to, I learn and take something away. 
In summary Worthing Speakers are friendly welcoming and fun. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend it to anyone else.

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