Why I joined and why you might benefit

Language is our primary form of communication and although we also communicate through body language, gestures and eye contact I always see these as additions to emphasise the spoken word.

In public speaking I use all these forms of communication and because of this I have the ability to get my point over effectively and hopefully do it in a way that makes what I say interesting and informative.

Knowing this is why I joined the Worthing Speakers Club as not only did it give me a chance to improve on my personal skills, but it is also a very friendly place to be. It is a club where you can learn new things and pass on some of your experience to others. I always love to see new members who join with a natural nervousness regarding public speaking but soon blossom into fine orators, confident and entertaining.

There are many reasons why people want to hone their skills. It may be that they have to make a speech at a social event such as a wedding or celebration. A very common reason is, however, that it is career motivated. The ability to make effective presentations is an important skill when seeking promotion at work and is a talent employers are really looking for. I personally was looking to stand for council and knew that I would have to make speeches in the council arena and at public events. I then became Mayor of Worthing where making a speech was a daily occurrence. Without the knowledge and confidence gain at the speakers club I would not have been so effective in this public appointment. I am now just about to embark on a new career as a Funeral Celebrant where the confidence to be able to express the thoughts and feelings on behalf of grieving relatives and friends is essential. I could not even contemplate this without the benefit of my Worthing Speakers Club grounding.

People often asked me what is my best tips for effective public speaking and I quote something that was told me many years ago and that is “ Tell Them What You Are Going To Tell Them, Tell Them, Tell Them You Told Them” Basically this is what we call in the speakers club as Signposting. You gain people’s interest by introducing your speech by saying what you are going to talk about, you then talk about your subject and finish by summarising the points you have said. While you do this, own the platform and make eye contact with different members of the audience. It really works.

So join Worthing Speakers Club as I did, you will have great fun and learn a life skill that can open doors.

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