The three unexpected things I found at Toastmasters

When I first looked to join to Toastmasters it was to bring about more confidence to my speaking .But then I noticed 3 unusual benefits to boot.

1. Friendships. I suddenly got a mix of friends from all age groups, experiences and cultures. They all had different unique stories that have made me laugh,understand and add colour to my days. I think seeing the world through someone’s eyes can be inspiring. Not only that I felt part of a community.

Not only in my own club but in the wider group of Toastmasters and it’s exciting to hear stories whilst online from fellow Toastmasters from around the world. We share a common bond and camaraderie.

2. Skills.The constant challenge and opportunity to challenge and upgrade my speaking has been wonderful. You can’t help but be bolstered from the practice. But so many other skills have been upgraded. I have taken on leadership roles and help plan meetings and events. I learnt to write a blog post! I have mentored other members and this is supported through the Pathways education program. Toastmasters has so many transferable skills.

3. Service. When I first stood outside the venue of our meetings and took a big gulp of air before going in. Nervous for sure and not knowing what to expect. My life has become more pleasurable because I did. Now in 5 years of being a member I reflect on that journey. From being a member nervous to join to now President of Worthing Speakers . I am lucky to be supported by so many other members of the club that  want that as well. We have a common goal and that is that people get the same joy out of Worthing Speakers that we have.

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