Three ways I have benefited from joining Worthing Speakers Club

I joined Worthing Speakers in August 2019. At first, I was very nervous and unsure. But after a couple of meetings I helped out in the role of timekeeper (keeping on schedule is very important in Toastmasters!) And that was when I started to gain confidence. This is what I have gained: 

  1. Advice on talking in public – for example I had no idea I kept my hands clasped while speaking. Body language and movement is key to keep an audience interested, so I have learned to gesture more. 
  2. Confidence in taking on more and more roles – even quite difficult ones. All speeches and roles at a meeting are evaluated by another member – always in a very positive way – and my innate lack of confidence is evaporating
  3. Friends. The members of the club have become good friends contributing a huge amount to my social wellbeing.

I was recently elected onto the managing committee and am learning much more about Toastmasters and its values. 

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