Three ways that Worthing Speakers Club can help with your career

With the current furlough situation around the UK, a lot of people may be considering a change in career. Here is how we can help.

  1. Develop your communication skills

    By joining our club, your oral skills will improve. This will help you to answer interview questions even better. We can all remember job interviews where you get a really tricky question. In our meetings we have several impromptu speaking opportunities – this almost mimics an interview situation – you respond to the question with what you know about and find good ways to link. Getting involved with our club helps to develop our skills to ‘think on our feet’.

  2. Promote your business

    Those of us in business may be required to use oral skills to sell products or services – perhaps by making presentation or a call to a potential client. This could be in a networking meeting – either online or in person. Often, we start businesses with certain skills (e.g. artist, graphic designer, photographer) and oral communication is not especially important early on. But if you want to grow your business, being able to talk persuasively about it is an essential skill.

  3. Improve your language

    Some of our members have English as their second language. It can be hard for adults moving to the UK to improve their language skills. We usually have a ‘word of the day’ which helps us all to practice using a wider vocabulary. Evaluation is an important part of our club. This is always done in a positive way – you will get feedback on what you did well and you will also get recommendations on what to work on. You will leave the meeting feeling good!

We have a ‘virtual open house’ meeting coming up on Thursday 17th September. This promises to be a really fun evening and is planned with guests in mind. All are welcome. Please contact us to find out how to join via Zoom. We look forward to hearing from you!

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