Three reasons I choose Pathways to progress

 I joined Toastmaster late in the summer of 2015 as my life and priorities were changing. Gradually my role as an engineer had changed from being hands on the tools to leading people . I needed a new skill set and speaking was my number one priority as I wanted my speech to inspire and motivate .In 2018 Toastmasters introduced a new education program called Pathways and here is why I love it!

Reason 1

Little did I know when I joined Toastmasters that I could follow a structured program in Public speaking at my own pace! Pathways is our the Toastmasters’ education program and it – with has something for everyone. Every Toastmaster has the opportunity to select one of the eleven learning paths that most suits their needs. You can take a free assessment to help you select which path matches your interests and goals. These are real world transferable skills.

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Reason 2

Within each path you get the chance to build on your skills. Everyone starts at level one and with an Icebreaker speech. It’s Members on a pathway are supported through tutorials and videos at every step of the way as you progress through the 5 levels of each pathways.

Reason 3

The challenges and tasks are interesting and inspiring. I have learnt so much about myself on the way and I have not finished yet. From projects that got me to focus on my communication style to giving a speech on the time I was a mentee. At every step I was being challenged and supported and could feel myself growing and changing in a positive way!

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