Five reasons to come to a virtual meeting if you are furloughed

Furloughed? Looking to improve your communication skills while waiting to get back to work?
If you are currently furloughed, here are five reasons why you should come to a virtual meeting of Worthing Speakers – an International Toastmasters Club. We know so many people have been furloughed at this time, including some of our members. It is a difficult time for everyone. Our club can empower you to become a more effective communicator.

  1. It is free to come as a guest – so you have nothing to lose! Guests are very welcome and there is no pressure at all to speak – you can just see what goes on at a meeting. But many of our guests choose to join in.
  2. It will help you develop new skills. Our members have benefited in many ways. One member said ‘Joining the club has helped me with communication at job interviews. It has actually helped me to get a new job, which I love. I now deliver workshops in my role.’ Some of our members speak English as a second language and find it a good way to further improve their language skills and vocabulary.
  3. Most of us started in the same boat! Pretty much all of our members started with a fear of public speaking and communicating well. You are not alone. Every single member of our club is very helpful and supportive of others. You are cradled and empowered in a friendly and respectful atmosphere.
  4. You will most likely enjoy it! Each time I go to a meeting (in person or on Zoom) I always come away having learnt something new and always buzzing from the enjoyment I get from the club.
  5. We help each other. The culture in our club is one of support. Last year I had several job interviews – I asked one friend and fellow member for advice as I knew they understood the work place to which I was applying. For another interview, I had to give a presentation – I asked a fellow member to look at it for me and give me some advice.

We know for sure that our club has helped a lot of people to get new and different jobs. Some of our members come along simply because they enjoy it! Get in touch with to find out when the next meeting is. I am certain you won’t regret it!

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