What you can do with EasySpeak

EasySpeak Benefits

You can …

Book your speeches in advance

Book your roles in advance

Track your speech progress

Track your leadership manual progress

Book your speeches in advance

Feeling fired up and in an action taking mood.  You can head over to easy speak and book your speeches in advance

First make sure you are logged in and can see this page below


Now you want to click request a speech on the left of the screen like below


Once there this pop up will appear


From here click ‘Preferred dates’ like below


From this picture you can now see which meetings are full (as shown in red) and the ones that have slots available.

Simple go through the process of booking a speech as shown in this article – here

And keep repeating until you have booked your desired amount

Now to see where you have booked, and to keep track of your progress you have two options


And you are now logged in ready to book in a speech, take on a role, or track your progress