How to Sign up for a Role

Signing up for roles

The most heroic and noble thing a human can do, signing up for roles at a Toastmasters meeting !

Really it is, and the person who organises the meetings (Vice President of Education – VP ED) will love you forever.

Now that’s out the way make sure you are logged in and see this screen (if you don’t click here to be shown how to login


The easiest way to do this is actually on the screen you are on now.

Just click the green thumb picture by the role and you will have booked in your role

(just make sure the date is correct)


The next way is to book yourself in for roles at further meetings, worthy of a knighthood.

Click on Sign up for Meetings at the left of the screen as shown below


Then you will see this screen below


Once on this screen you can click the green thumbs associated with the role you desire.

You know now how to sign up for a role – yay