A place called home

You know that wonderful feeling of coming home? That special sanctuary where you feel accepted, supported and uplifted? For me, that’s Worthing Speakers. 

Sometimes life can feel like an uphill struggle can’t it? Particularly after the year we have all had. Who wouldn’t want to find a place called home? 

6 months ago, I read a blog that changed my life. Does that sound dramatic? I hope so. At Worthing Speakers, we do have a penchant for drama. 

Feeling inspired by the blog that described how someone had found their ‘tribe’, I embarked on my journey with Worthing Speakers. 

Because I joined the group during the pandemic, the meetings were, and currently continue to be, conducted via Zoom, a virtual platform. 

This means of course, I still haven’t met any of the group ‘in real life’ or indeed, delivered a speech face to face. 

Does not meeting the group in person take away from that feeling of belonging? Absolutely not! There is a warmth and generosity of spirit here that transcends the virtual world. 

I have now delivered 2 speeches, via Zoom, to 25+ people, an achievement that seemed incomprehensible 6 months ago. 

How have I achieved this? The answer is, I haven’t done it alone. I have been ‘virtually’ hand held and guided by some incredibly inspiring individuals, who make me feel like I can fly. 

If you are reading this blog and you aren’t a member of our merry band yet, join us as a guest for free! Dip your toe in, the water is always warm here. You will learn so much about yourself and your capabilities. We will boost your confidence. We will make you feel like you are home.

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