What has Worthing Speakers Club given me?

Cecily B. giving a speach on Toastmaster meeting

I joined Worthing Speakers in 2012, over eight years ago. Wow and in that time what opportunities I have had. I became a member to improve my speaking skills for the marketing side of my job as a life coach. But I have gained so much more. My listening skills are now very effective/strong, so important in all aspects of life personal and work. It has been absolutely fascinating and humbling at times to listen to members talk about their lives, families, work, pets, travel and hobbies. This has enabled me to develop my love of beautiful language and expand my own lexicon.

Part and parcel of listening is evaluation. With regular opportunities to practice this skill it has now become part of daily life. It comes in particularly handy when reading the paper, books, watching TV and digesting sermons!

How many of us wish to alleviate the humdrum daily routine?

Getting out of your comfort zone is a no-brainer.

Each club meeting provides opportunities for impromptu as well as prepared speeches. It’s live entertainment always with a touch of humour.

How many of us enjoy socializing and making new friends in a supportive environment? Over the years this has been an absolute joy.

How many of us wish to hold back the tide of time?

Being retired and content it is so easy not to keep up to date. However serving on the committee provides me with frequent IT challenges. Within the club there is always a knowledgeable , patient person willing to set me on the right path.

What has Worthing Speakers Club given to me and continues to give?

A network of friends of all ages.

Confidence to meet and greet new people anywhere.

The opportunity to serve on a committee of inspired and enthusiastic folk and an appreciation of team work.

The enjoyment of writing speeches.

To continue to learn through being a mentor.

To challenge myself regularly thus helping me to stay Young!

It took me quite a long time to pluck up courage to join Worthing Speakers but in hindsight I wish I had done it sooner.

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