How to update your Communication Manual

Updating your Communication Manual

So you have done a few speeches and now your club has moved to EasySpeak and you want to update your communication manual like you can with your leadership manual ….

Short answer, you can’t – sorry

Long Answer ..
Not sure why you can’t track back and add speeches but it is what is …

However …

There is something that can be done.

If you email your Vice President of Education (VP Ed – the person who organises the agenda) with all the speeches you wanted to input on the system, they will create a spreadsheet and connect that to EasySpeak and then you can see your previous speaches pop up with a tick like below 


In Summary for this very short, but I still managed a picture, article

  • You can’t update your Communication Manual yourself
  • You can email your VP ED … the speech dates, titles and project number
  • They will put the data on a spreadsheet, which will connect with EasySpeak and you will be able to see your green ticks like in the picture above

  • For anyone interested the clock is a speech booked in and waiting to be delivered, then it will become a tick.
  • The question mark is waiting for the VP ED to confirm your speech date