Could joining Toastmasters be your New Year’s resolution?

I had heard about Worthing Speakers and wanted to join. However, the thought of going along to a meeting on my own, not knowing anyone was very daunting.

I am very confident in my everyday life, with a high-powered job. Many people are surprised that I feel nervous about joining a new group, but sometimes we need to see behind the confident, outgoing exterior and realise that everyone, regardless of their life experience, has their own personal worries.

I finally braved it and went to my first meeting just over a year ago. I knew within seconds that I was in the right place! I was met by such a friendly, welcoming bunch of strangers. I was so relieved that none of them had three heads and were all just regular people! I really enjoyed the meeting, did not feel nervous and even participated.

I am now a regular attendee and look forward to going to each meeting. You are encouraged to go at your own pace, get involved only if you feel ready and if you do participate – you are motivated and coached by the other members.

Make this your New Year resolution to try something new, you will love it!

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