My Worthing Speakers Club Journey – So Far!

I first joined Worthing Speakers after a friend persuaded me to go along to explore this club. I entered the room and found everyone to be very pleasant; they were of all ages and extremely friendly.

I listened to four speeches. They were all very interesting, but one in particular left me wanting to learn more and led me to purchase the book recommended by the speaker.

After the prepared speeches, we entered the part of the meeting called ‘Table Topics’. This involves answering a question with a short story around the subject. Although this sounded quite terrifying as you have to think on your feet, I somehow thought it was quite good fun.

I decided to go back again and before I knew it, I was surprised how satisfying it was to watch and learn about how to speak in front of an audience. I have delivered several speeches now and although I sometimes feel disappointed with how I performed my audience seem to love what I say.

Speaking at the speakers’ club has taught me that when you are presenting a speech, if you have confidence, and stay in control of the task ahead, your audience will not know if you forgot a point or said something wrong.

Worthing Speakers has taught me confidence and self-belief. I have listened to others who deliver fantastic speeches, but I now know that the audience thinks well of me too.

So why not come along and see for yourself? I am sure you will be thinking “I can’t do that!” But you can!  It’s all about having faith in yourself and, with the encouragement of the club, you too can take this journey as far as you want to.

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