Do You Have Glossophobia?

Many people suffer from glossophobia (fear of public speaking). Yet the vast majority of careers involve some level of public speaking, from participating in meetings to giving presentations.

Worthing Speakers Club has helped dozens of its members smash interviews to get a great job, kill the nerves when speaking to a large group of people, and boost their personal confidence and leadership skills.

So here are some reasons why – and not all of them are for career progression:

 10 reasons to go along as a guest to Worthing Speakers Club

1. You have a big speech coming up!

The wedding season is upon us. If you are the best man, bride or groom and planning a speech, coming along to this club will help you to boost your confidence. You can also have a mentor, if you want one. You could even practice bits of your speech at the club or with your mentor.

2. You are new to the area and want to meet new people.

Worthing Speakers Club is exceptionally diverse and a friendly group of people.

 3. You are looking for a new hobby.

Some members join because they find the meetings interesting. Several members are retired and are not members for career progression, but simply because they enjoy the meetings.

4. You like learning.

You are bound to learn – through listening to speeches given by members. Speeches can ben on pretty much anything from travel to pets.

5. You want to progress your career.

Many members join the club because they are asked to give presentations at work. Another benefit is that public speaking helps you to develop your skills for a job interview. One of our members said “After joining the club, I actually applied for a job that involved public speaking. Being a member of Worthing Speakers gave me the confidence to apply and I got the job!’

6. You can try it out for free.

Guests can attend a couple of meetings for free, before deciding whether to join.

7. It’s good value.

Some public speaking courses in person cost £60-£200. Our fees are £48 for 6 months and you will have plenty of opportunities to use your skills and practice regularly.

8. To improve your English.

Some of our members have English as a second language. Our club provides opportunities for us all to develop our vocabulary. We usually have a ‘word of the day’ for each meeting. It is also a very supportive environment.

9. To develop your business networking skills.

Some of our members run their own businesses. Some networking events require business owners to present for a short time to promote their business – this can be a great opportunity to improve those skills.

10. And lastly… you will have fun! We laugh a lot and we think you will enjoy it!

Please contact us if you would like to attend a meeting or have any queries

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