Interview With A New Member

Lucy Brooks (VPM) interviewed Julie Sherrington, who joined us recently

LB: When did you join Worthing Speakers?

JS: I had heard about Worthing Speakers back in 2020 but did not attend my first meeting until November 2021. I wanted to wait until the meetings went back to face to face rather than being on Zoom.

LB: What made you take that first step?

JS: During the pandemic, my regular job was put on hold. So, I wanted to use my newfound time, to learn and do new things.  I trained as a Celebrant and worked as an Activity Director in a Residential home. Both positions were completely new to me, and I felt that they would benefit from me improving my presentation skills.

LB: You strike me as a very self-confident person, able (in your own words) to talk the hind leg off a donkey. What have you gained from being a member of the club?

JS: You are absolutely correct; I am guilty of talking off many a hind leg!!! But despite how much presenting experience I had prior to coming to Worthing Speakers I still have a lot to learn. I would like to learn to be aware of my: delivery, speed, and body language.  I have also found myself listening more to other peoples’ vocabulary, which has been very interesting

LB: Tell us a little bit about your travels and your work.

JS: I have worked as a Guest Relations director onboard ship for 30yrs. Working four months onboard, then two months home in Worthing. I have travelled extensively, but there is still so much of the UK I want to see. During the pandemic I went somewhere I hadn’t been before…. my kitchen!!!

LB: Will you be able to get to club meetings when you are ashore?

JS: No unfortunately not. Firstly, I rarely go ashore these days, and secondly the ship is only in ports of calls during the day, and I’m sure most meetings are in the evening.  As for joining by zoom etc, this too would prove challenging.

LB: Would you recommend your friends to join the club?

JS:  Only those friends that I feel would benefit from the programme, and those that I feel would embrace the experience.  I really enjoy it and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their verbal skills. It can be life changing, not only for professional reasons but also personally. The group is so friendly and welcoming.

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