My Toastmasters Tribe

In 2016 when I joined Toastmasters, my motivation was somewhat different to the average Toastmaster. I had moved to the UK about four months prior and wanted to find a way to make friends with a new hobby. I discovered Worthing Speakers and after several months of flitting in & out as a guest, I joined. Our current President Sean tells us that his kids call our club ‘Nerd Club’ and yes, it is somewhat nerdy that our hobby is public speaking! I am proud to have become a Toastmaster nerd.

Since joining, members have not only supported me as I developed as a public speaker but in my professional and personal life. During professional challenges, members have offered support/ advice and perspective. Several members have supported the development of my relationship with my now husband, from when we first started dating through to attending our wedding in September 2019. I have made amazing friends within Worthing Speakers and the wider Toastmasters community.

In 2019 I took on a new challenge with a leadership role outside my club, as Assistant Area Director and in 2020 as Area Director. I joined a second club; Gatwick Communicators and the online environment has opened my connections – finding kindred spirits with Toastmasters from clubs across the world.

A much overused saying across social media is

‘Find your tribe. Love them hard.’

Well this Gen Y found a tribe of nerds in this club, Worthing Speakers and across the Toastmasters International community. I love this organisation where I am challenged to grow my communication skills and stretch myself as a leader. I finish every meeting with a smile on my face, often with sides tender from laughter and I couldn’t imagine life without the members who have become so much more to me.

I found my tribe. I am proud to love it.

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