Three reasons why you will love our club

Do you feel nervous about giving public speeches?  Maybe the pandemic forced you to attend online meetings that make you feel like fish out of water? Or maybe you just want to get some tips on how to smash that dream interview or best man speech?  Fear not, Toastmasters are here for you.

When my friend Hana suggested I joined Worthing Speakers Club, I toyed with the idea for months before I paid a visit.  Reason being? I did not think it was for me. However, as we entered lockdown 1.0, I started to look for a new hobby and a way of connecting with people online.  The more time passed by, the more curious I became about this Worthing Speakers Club that my friend Hana kept on telling me about.  Finally, one summer evening, I decided to check it out for myself. Today – nearly a year later – I am still attending Worthing Speakers Club meetings twice a month, and I cannot get enough of it. I can honestly say that joining the club was one of the best decisions I have made.

Here is why:

1. It is a safe space to grow public speaking skills and confidence.
No, but really – even online. Whatever your reason is, whether it is a need or desire to improve your public speaking skills or to gain more confidence when talking to a wider group, the club gives you support on how to do it. More importantly, it is you who sets the pace. The most common misconception of joining Toastmasters is that you will need to start to engage in speaking as soon as you visit or join. The truth could not be more different.  It is all up to you: you can take tiny “baby” steps or throw yourself into deep water. It is all up to you. This wonderful group of people will provide you not only with a safe space to practise, but also will guide you and help you grow your confidence. The recipe is simple – the more you do it, the better it gets. Say bye-bye to sweaty hands, rushing thoughts and brain freeze, welcome confidence.

2. Toastmaster is a community.
Worthing Speakers Club gives you a sense of belonging, inclusion and respect. If you are one of the people who believe that being truly fulfilled in life means giving back to the community, search no more. If you want to be part of something great, this is another reason why you should visit Worthing Speakers Club. Being the club member goes beyond the Toastmaster meetings where you can practise your speech. Every member can join the club committee sessions and contribute with their ideas on improving the club and learning new skills. You can get a lifetime’s worth of experience while supporting the club. It is a win-win really.

3. We learn a lot, but we also have fun.
If you want to get grammar tips or listen to interesting topics, that is another reason why you should visit the club. How about giving a go to our fun warm-up session or table topics – “What’s your superpower?”  (I bet you have got a few!). Let your imagination go wild. You can practise impromptu speaking and be creative at the same time. Get inspired and have fun.

Go on, do it. Check it out. Have FUN with it.  I know you want to. When you do, you will be as nicely surprised as I was when I first joined. You will be able to learn about the wonderful world of English language, meet great people and have fun.

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